Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Shilchar Code of Conduct guides employees on how to apply the Shilchar General Business Principles in line with our values of “honesty, integrity and respect”. It provides practical advice on how to comply with laws and regulations and how to relate to customers, communities and colleagues.

Regulatory requirements placed upon us have never been more complex or demanding. The Shilchar Code of Conduct clarifies the standards we expect our employees to follow and the behaviors we expect them to adopt. It covers such areas as: Fighting Corruptive Practices, National and International Trade, Health Safety and the Environment, Safeguarding Information and Communications.

We are honest

What we say is true and forthcoming – not just technically correct. We are open and transparent in our communications with each other and about our business performance.

We are trustworthy

Our word is good. We keep our commitments to each other and to our stakeholders. We do the right thing without compromise. We avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

We treat others with respect

We value their contributions and listen to their point of view. We maintain fairness in all relationships.

We are courageous

We speak up for what is right. We report wrongdoing when we see it.

We use good judgment

We think before we act. We use our purpose, values and ethical principles as decision filters to guide our behavior.

We are responsible

We accept the consequences of our actions. We admit our mistakes and quickly correct them. We don’t retaliate against those who try to do the right thing by asking questions or raising concerns.