Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our Quality System has been established to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 Quality Standards. We have a CSA family recognition to CAN/CSA C22.2 No.0-M91, CSA C22.2 No.66-1988, UL-506 (Twelfth Edition) for R-Core Transformers up to 1200VA & EI-Core Transformers up to 500VA. We have CSA family recognition to CAN/CSA E60065-94, IEC 60065-2003, UL 1411 (Fifth Edition), TIL CA-06 for Toroidal Transformers up to 5000VA.We are designing Transformers with multiple insulation systems like Class B(130C), Class F(155C) & Class H(180C) according to customer’s requirement/applications. our all Transformer products are RoHS compliant recognition to RoHS directives 2011/65/EU.

Our Quality Assurance program not only encompasses our manufacturing operation and final inspection, but starts from the time we initiate our design based customers’ specifications, making absolutely sure that customers receive an optimal design proposal. When you order a prototype, you can be assured it will meet your specifications at the first time around. More and more customers are working with us on just-in-time programs. Using our computerized integrated manufacturing management system for order processing, production planning and manufacturing, we are well equipped to offer this type of service to our customers.

Products for Medical Electronics Industry

Transformer products used in the medical electronics industry must meet safety standards according to IEC 60601 or equivalent foreign safety standards. According to this application, transformer must have very low leakage current & short circuit as well as, overload protection. We manufacture R-Core transformers with these features especially for medical equipment in different thermal insulation classes.

Processing Customer Request for Quotation

Our design engineer contact customers in case of any questions or queries in order to better understand their requirements. Our aim is to provide customers with the most economical design that will still comply with their electrical and mechanical specifications. We use computerized software programs to calculate required electrical data assisted by highly accurate mathematical formula. All customers need to do is to tell us of any special measurements, which are not already included in our standard test procedures, that they would like to have done additionally.

Processing Prototype orders

As each order is entered into our system, our design engineering group generates design data sheet with more details. We have a separate prototype manufacturing set up in our design department. The developed prototype with all considerations is sent to the customer for evaluation.

Processing Production Orders

Upon approval of the prototype, our production department releases the order for production and delivery as per the agreed schedule. A sophisticated computerized integrated manufacturing management system helps us make timely shipments.

Quality Assurance

Although computerized winding machine is used, the uniform quality of our transformers is the result of skilled operators. Training of operators & supervisors as well as monthly quality meetings are steps that we take to maintain consistent quality of workmanship between different lots. In addition, in-process inspection of each lot is performed to correct any errors made during the manufacturing processes. We keep records of final rejection for all types of transformers and take appropriate internal corrective & preventive actions.

Final Inspection

All transformer products are subjected to 100% final inspection of electrical and mechanical requirements. Our Standard Electrical test for Power Transformers is electrical functional test, high voltage breakdown test, layer short test and D.C. resistance measurement. Visual inspection includes physical dimensions and appearances. Transformers can be tested with some additional tests specified by the customer.

Production Material

All material used in our production are UL/CSA listed & RoHS compliant. Multi source purchasing policy is maintained whenever necessary to assure availability and no interruption on the shop floor.


Unless otherwise specified by the customer, transformers are packed into different sizes of corrugated boxes available in 3ply, 5ply, 7ply thickness according to the size & weight of the product. Each box is marked with all necessary product information like transformer item code, customer name, qty, batch code, etc. Larger shipments are palletized for motor carrier.