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We provide an extensive
range of Linear Transformers
from R-core to EI and
Toroidal to
Current transformers.

Telecom Transformers

We manufacture Telecom
and Data Transformers
of highest quality standards
and design efficient
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Standard Line Transformers

We provide Standard Line
Transformers for both
R-core and Toroidal Models.
These are available for
9/18V output, 12/24V
output and 115/230V output.

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Shilchar Technologies Ltd. manufactures Toroidal Transformers & R-Toroidal Transformers according to customers’ stringent design requirements. We use quality grade CRGO Toroid and R-Toroid cores. Important features of these transformers are:

  • Manufactured on fully automatic special purpose Toroidal-winding machines
  • Manufacturing range – 1VA to 5000VA
  • CSA Certified up to 5000VA
  • Reduced heating as compared to EI Transformers due to evenly spaced winding which is exposed on the circumference
  • Can be adjusted in various sizes as per required diameter and height
  • Flexibility in size helps adjust the size as per space available in the equipment of application
  • Finds extensive application in stabilizers and inverters as a better alternative to EI Transformers due to its compact design

Tested for -

  • No loads, full load
  • High voltage breakdown
  • Insulation resistance
  • Layer short, etc.

Transformers can be supplied with special features such as:

  • Static/Magnetic shield
  • Special mounting
  • Epoxy molding, etc.